Montag, 23. August 2010

Playing aroung with (Claire's) Magic and Larissa

Hey there :)

You might have figured out that today's post is about Claire's Magic and Glam Nails Larissa. Larissa is the (cheaper) Nfu.Oh 51 dupe by a the German company Glam Nails.
Magic is a gorgeous purple with a magenta shimmer- you've got to see this polish in person because it has a certain "glow" in it, which is mesmerizing. It looked kinda "meh" in the bottle but now wearing it, it changes everything ;)

(like all purples, it's less blue in person)
Then I wanted to do a accent nail with a nail sticker and did this:(somehow I had a "bad cuticle day" )- I used China Glaze's Matte Magic
An now, with Glam Nails Larissa:

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