Freitag, 6. August 2010

H&M swatches spam and comparisons

Hey there

So today I'll show you a lot of swatches- first up, My Favourite Jeans.

It's a dark blue semi-foil with glass flecks. I used three coats. I quite like it but the formula was a bit weird.

Moonless Night- a black with dark silver shimmer. It's one of those where you only see the shimmer in direct sunlight, so it was harder to photograph. It tooke me two coats to reach opacity.
Here one with flash and after swatching it, I had something similar in my stash, Catrice Back to Black, so I did this comparison:
The same "hidden" shimmer in the bottle, let's see what the flash pic has to reveal:
Yep, definitly dupes- Back to Black was almost opaque in one coat, but you'll get better results with two, which I used for the pictures.

Fashionista- a vibrant purple, almost a frost finish
Imagine it a bit less blue. It also dried really quickly, probably the the fastest of the bunch. It took me two coats to be opaque.
Next up, Godess on Stage.
Godess on Stage is a dark eggplant purple, which sadly, is a lot darker on the nail than in the bottle.I really love the shimmer in the bottle which can probably only be seen in direct sunlight. In lower lights this one surely will look almost-black but I don't think it's a big issue because I know how beautiful it can be in sunlight :)
I used two coats
Now, some lighter shaades....
U must have this- A gorgeous blue creme, two coats to reach opacity.
Next- a comparison: Essence The World's Coolest, Orly Gumdrop, H&M Bellas Choice and Artdeco #93
The World's Coolest was a bit watery, almost jelly-like formula. I used three coats.
Gumdrop was almost opaque in one coat, it is a bit "dustier" than all the other polishes in this comparison.
Bellas Choice is the greenest/most turquoise one, it was almost opaque in one coat.
Artdeco #93 is the bluest of the bunch and was like Gumdrop& BC almost opaque in one coat.

And now the last comparison, betwen Essie Mesmerize, H&M Blue my Mind and P2 Gigantic

Mesmerize is, not like his name, the darkest one. I was quite dissapointed in it because when I first saw the swatches, it was brighter and had a neon-touch in it. On the nail& in the bottle? Not so much. I used two coats.
Blue my Mind- a beautiful creme blue. The formula was ok and  took two coats to be opaque.
Gigantic is what I imagined, Mesmerize would be- a bright, azure blue. It's my favourite in this comparison and took only two coats to be opaque.

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