Mittwoch, 25. August 2010

New H&M polishes (fall/winter) and a comparison

Hey there :)

A few days ago I stumbled across some new H&M polishes. I was really suprised to see some new shades amongst the other, older ones and I bought three of the new shades (not sure if there were more tough, these were the only ones that appealed to me in the store). I've also seen on other blogs that they've spottet some new Hello Kitty shades (Glitter Purple and Silver if I remember correctly) but I haven't seen/bought them yet.

So, the three new shades:
Spending Cash with Carl- the name is quite odd. If they mean Karl Lagerfeld, they've misspelled his name or are there any other (famous?) Carls that I don't know of? The color is a vibrant blue with a foil-like appearence.
Envy Me is a beautiful emerald green. It reminds me a bit of Emerald Sparkle (by China Glaze) minus the glitter.
Blue Sky is a dusty blue creme. It's only a mini bottle and for just 0.95€ I couldn't resist not to buy this one.

As I wrote before, Envy Me reminded me of Emerald Sparkle, let see some bottle pics:
Envy me and ES look quite similar in this pic, though Envy Me is a tad darker and less yellow and Emerald Sparkle is a glitter. And ES has a certain glow- the shade picture shows is really well.
Now, let's see some swatches, shall we?
I've painted one coat of Envy me and two coats of Emerald Sparkle. As you can see, they're not really alike. Envy Me is darker and even almost black in some angles, whereas ES is a emerald green with glitter in it. (I painted ES first on my pointer and then alternating with EM). Formula-wise both are good- Envy me was a bit on the thicker side but still not too thick that it need thinner.You can scrool down for a few more pictures and sun-pictures :)

Overall I like both and they're different enough to own both. I hope H&M comes out with more shades like this :D

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