Samstag, 21. August 2010

Essence Undead vs. Wet'n'Wild Night Prowl

Hey there :)

When I swatched Essence's Undead from their Eclipse LE, I knew I saw something similar somewhere. A few days (or better weeks) later, I knew, which one it was- Night Prowl by Wet'n'Wild.

I painted Undead and NP alternating, beginning with Undead on my pointer. I used one coat each and as you can see, Night Powl is packed with magenta glitter. Whereas the glitter in Undead is "drowned" in the base. The color of the glitter is the same too.
Before I removed the polish, I experimented a bit with it. I used my clean-up brush, dipped it into polish remover and carefully wiped off a layer of polish on Undead. It worked and after wiping off the polish, you can see more of the glitter in Undead, see for yourself. (you can click on the pictures)

I like both and you don't need both. Considering that Night Powl is in the permanent display in the US and you can easily swap/buy/franken one bottle for yourself, I'd pick NP. And you don't have to sell an arm, leg or organ to get the overhyped Polishes from the Eclipse collection by Essence (people are selling it for the tripple retail prices at the bay of evil...)

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