Sonntag, 27. Juni 2010

Comparison : Orly Fantasea and Luminelle Mauve captivant

Hey there  :)

Today's post is a comparison between two light purple polishes with gold/ pink shimmer. First off, a bottle comparison
The Luminelle polish is from Yves Rocher and holds only 3 ml, which is one of my first complaints: a 3ml bottle? I know the chances are really high to use up this bottle but you can see in the pic that Orly's bottle looks like a giant compared to it. The other thing is, that the handle and the brush are tiny too, which makes the application difficult- no matter how long/short your nails are.
I thought that the base color of these two polishes was the same but it isn't- the Luminelle one is a bit more blue and has a pink/magenta shimmer, whereas Fantasea is more red-toned with a gold shimmer.  If you click on the picture, you'll see a bit of gold shimmer in MC, but it doesn't show on the swatches. The consistency of both was ok- I think I'll decant the Luminelle one into another bottle because it's bugging me.
I used 4 coats each and both seem perfect for layering. Also I wrote the order on which I applied them on the picture.
My conclusion: I like both but Mauve captivant a bit more but I hope I can buy a backup bottle of it, because the chances are high (even for an addict like me) that you'll really use up a bottle of it ^^.

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