Montag, 14. November 2011

First beauty flea-market in Vienna

Yesterday was the first beauty flea-market in Vienna. I know, I wrote the first details only in german well, because it might not be that good/relevant for you guys (some might be in the same country but can't come or some are living in a different continent). Anyway, here is my impression of it.

First of all, I want to thank Mirela, Jen and Claudia for the organization of the event- it wouldn't have happend if it weren't for you!
The flea market was in a little
I was one of the 15 exhibitors and I have to say, there were quite a lot of people at the beginning (11am)- they kept coming but at afternoon the rush of people was almost over, but it was never empty till the end (6pm). The atmosphere was really great and I had a blast and am really happy that I got to know some fellow bloggers.
Anyway, here are some pictures of the booths and the catering by Claudia and Sophie.
(I'm sorry, I don't have any pictures I made with my own camera, but the following ones are made by Mirela and are used with permission- thank you!)

Gestern fand der erste Wiener Beautyflohmarkt im 18. Bezirk in der Martin Luther Kirche statt. 

Zuallererst möchte ich mich herzlich bei Mirela, Jen und  für die Claudia Organisation des Events bedanken!
Wie ihr wisst, war ich eine der 15 Ausstellerinen und ich muss zugeben, dass es am Anfang wirklich einen Ansturm gab, der bis zum Nachmittag da war- es war auch nie der Raum leer. Die Atmosphäre war wirklich toll und ich hatte eine tolle Zeit, ein Gesicht dem Blog zuordnen zu können :). 
(Ich habs leider nicht geschafft, eigene Fotos zu machen, aber die folgenden Bilder darf ich mit der Erlaubnis von der Mirela benutzen )

The thing I loved the most- swatchstickles! (good thing I was sitting next to Good Lack, Nail!, who brought these ;) )/Das, was ich am meisten mochte: Nagellackstäbchen (gut, dass ich neben der lieben Good Lack, Nail! saß, die sie mitgenommen hat )

These were the following exhibitors:
Anonymous BeautyholicBlusherine, coral and Mauve, Goldmarie, Good Lack, Nail!InYourFaceKirschblüte, Lillith’s Dark Tower MangoblüteMiss LeichenblässeNagellackprinzessin and TheLipstick.

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