Dienstag, 1. Juni 2010

Another matching weather polish, a unnamed franken with a matching purse

Hey there :)

The weather here still hasn't changed much- raining, a teeny tiny bit of sun, then rain again *sigh* and it's June first....

Here it is- my unnamed franken (if you have any name suggestions, leave them in the comments below :) ) and the matching purse I posted about here.The recipe for this franken was really simple- I used Wet'n'Wild Black creme, a few drops of clear polish and B.pretty in Silver Stars (2 of my favourite polishes to franken with). I think any other silver/holographic glitter would be perfect (I think the Covergirl in City Lights or China Glaze's Wireless Holographic Topcoat/Fiary Dust or Wet'n'Wild's Kaleidoscope for those who like it chunkier ;) ).

a closeup (somehow it makes me look even more pale than I actuallly am)

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