Donnerstag, 24. Juni 2010

A giveaway and a blog award

Hey there :)

The ladies over at Parokeets are having a giveaway and are celebrating their 300 followers with a giant giveaway :D

Here's the link and a little sneak peak of all the things:

Now about the award.
The lovely jbroback from polish insomniac gave me this award- thank you sweetie!

 The rules are:
Copy the award above, place it on your blog - link your blog back to me and name five things about yourself!
1. One of my other hobbies is sewing. I started when I was about 11 or 12 in school, we had a schoolsubject where we sew easy things. It was only bags and pencil cases first, but after a long break, I started again last summer/a few weeks before I graduated from highschool, talk about a bad timing right? ^^ . This time it's mostly clothes and I can't wait till my last exam (next Wednesday, wohoo) is over, so I have more time to sew :D
2. I also love earrings. Even tough I don't change them every day, I love buying them or diy-ing.
3. I don't like apple/mac things- they are mostly overpriced. The Ipad/Iphone might be a great gadget but I don't want one and I dislike Itunes.
4.I'm 19 years old and turning 20 in November
5. I love travelling. I have relatives all over the world which makes it easier (and a bit cheaper because you don't have to pay for a hotel).

Because I know the decision will be tough, I tag the last 5 people who commented here, which are:

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