Montag, 7. Juni 2010

Pure awesomeness- Claire's Mood in Calm/Wild

Hey there :)

These Mood polishes are now one of my favourite polishes besides my holos, because they are so much fun to play with and are mesmerizing. I also couldn't help myself to play with warm/cold water all the time ^^
I also loved the effect when I painted them on my nails- the polish was purple first but after a few seconds it became pink- how cool is that ? ^^
Seriously, if you don't have these pretties already, I'd suggest you to run into your Claire's and get them, if not, try, to swap for them because they are sooooooo worth it ;)

The pictures show 2 coats with one coat of topcoat. (I'd recomment to click on the pics for the full effect)

above: when they are cold (if you look closely you can see that my tips are already getting purple ;) )
below: the "normal mood"
above: My fingers were slightly getting warmer
below: when they are cold

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