Freitag, 11. Juni 2010

LCN polishes aka the glossiest polishes I've ever swatched

Hey there :)

Today I'm reviewing some LCN polishes which I got some time ago. LCN is a German company known for its nail/ nail design products. They've got quite a wide selection of polishes, acrylics, gel nails and even make-up.

One if the things that I love about the polishes is that they are probably the glossiest polishes I've ever swatched/worn - except for the ones I've accidently smudged during the swatching- oops ^^. I didn't had any issues with the formula or their brushes- they faned out nicely and made the application even nicer :)
The drying time was great too- by the time I finished painting my pinkie, I was able to paint another layer of polish with no waiting time inbetween (except the first one).

So, here they are:
above: a pearly off-white shade with a light blue shimmer, 7 coats and you can still see a bit VNL, unfortunatly this one doesn't have a name, just a number: 43179-21
below: Fleur d'amour, 3 coats- a nice lilac shade with a frost/pearl finish (again, sorry about the smudge on my middle finger)
above and below: Doesn't this polish scream mannequin hands? The glossiness of French Deluxe- as the name impliedes, it is made for a french manicure, it took me 4 coats to reach the full opacity.
above: Tropical Tulip from their Exotica Collection. It was opaque in 2 coats and is a lovely mauve-berry color with a creme finish.
below: Carribean red- wow, it is my favourite of all, a almost-neon tomato red with a creme finish. The pictures show 3 coats. This one's also from their Exotica Collection.
above: Another unnamed polish- it is a (milk) chocolate-brown, covered nicely in 2 coats. I think that'll be a nice base color for a muffin-nail art ;)

Overall I'm really impressed by the quality of these polishes. They are glossy as hell withouth a topcoat and the non-sheer ones covered nicely in 2-4 coats. All bottles hold 8 ml polish. I'd definitly buy one or two of these shades when I come across them.

Next up: some comparisons with those colors.

These polishes were kindly sent to me for reviewing purposes, please visit my disclosure policy for more details.

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