Samstag, 12. Juni 2010

LCN comparisons

Hey there :)

I wrote in my last post that I've got some comparison swatches for you and here they are: 
I did all comparison swatches with the Revlon scented polishes from this spring/summer- thanks again, Karen for getting me these :)
Revlon Gum Drop vs. LCN Fleur d'amour
(sorry about the smudge on my middle finger)
The base color of GD and Fd'a are the same, only Fd'a has got a silvery shimmer in it- they both applied well and Gum Drop gets a little plus because it's scented when it dried :)
I used 3 coats on both.

Next is Cotton Candy vs. French Deluxe:
I first thought those were dupes or at least dupe-is colors but after doing the swatches I am completly wrong, let's see for yourself:
See? Cotton Candy is more pink than FD. French Deluxe is a pastel peach- and I think both would go on well for a french or american manicure. CC took 3 coats to be opaque and FD 4 coats.
There is also a hint of gold shimmer in the bottle of Cotton Candy which sadly didn't translate to the nail.
(Click on the pic to see the difference of the two colors better)

Last but not least: Grape Icy vs. Tropical Tulip
Also one of the polishes where I thought that they would be twins or at least siblings color-wise. Boy, was I wrong...
Grape Icy is lilac-colored whereas TT is an eggplant-creme-purple. Grape Icy has also has gold shimmer in it and it smells good :D
I used two coats each.
natural, indirect sunlight, where the shimmer isn't visible:
with flash:

The winners of these three battles are:
  • I'd call it a tie between Gum Drop and Fleur d'amour- both are great and whereas Gum Drop has got its unique scent, Fd'a has the glossiness.
  • Cotton Candy would win the second battle because my yellow-ish skintone looks more yellow when I put French Deluxe on.
  • And grape Icy wins the 3rd battle. It smells nice and  has a great shimmer in it.
 Overall I'm really happy with all of these shades- some have earned a little star in my polish list for their smell, some for their glossiness ;)

 There are polishes in this post who were kindly sent to me for reviewing purposes, please visit my disclosure policy for more details.

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