Sonntag, 26. Dezember 2010

B.pretty Blue Glitter

Hey there :)

Hope you all had/have a great holiday :)
So today's post is about a polish from the brand B.pretty. B.pretty is an Austrian brand sold in a drug store called "Bipa" (They have their own cosmetic lines like Ulta has their polish(or cosmetics?) line). It is quite cheap compared to some other brands, tough their color-range isn't as big as I as others (you know, the usual reds, pinks, nudes,...). Blue Glitter was from an LE and now I regret not getting a backup bottle because it only holds 5ml :(. Color-wise it's a black base with packed blue glitter in it. The base isn't too opaque that the color of the glitter would drown but it is opaque enough that I only need two coats to reach full opacity. Some may think that this is similar to Milani's Halloween Collection from 2009, but it isn't beacuse there is even more glitter in it.
Sadly, there was no sun to catch the beauty of this polish, so here's the picture taken with flash. Another thing is that it chipped on the second day but I'm not sure if it's the polish itself or my basecoat-combo. (I used two coats and didn't had any issues with either the brush or the formula of the polish)

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