Donnerstag, 2. Dezember 2010

Essence Just Rock It with a glitter topcoat by Etos

Hey there :)

Essence Just Rock It(JRI) is one of the new shades Essence introduced this fall. It's a blurple creme, and looks a bit jelly-ish in the bottle. JRI was opaque in two coats and it was a bit boring for my taste. So I added a coat of the blue Etos Effect Nails which I got in a swap from Marte of Girly Addictions. The glitter-topcoat has silver holo hex-glitter in it and some regular sized silver glitter in a colored base.

As all/most purples/blurples, it looks like a simple blue, but it's not :(

First up, a swatch of Just Rock It on its own.
and some pictures with Etos Effect nails
(first one with flash, second one in direct sunlight)

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