Sonntag, 9. Mai 2010

a couple of Catrice Ozeana's Limited Edition swatches& a dupe

Hey there

Happy Mothers Day :)

To follow up my "I've got the blues" post, I thought I'd share some (nailwheel) swatches with you. So for this post I used two polishes from Catrice's recent limited edition called Ozeana (in Blue out to Sea and Sea of Green).

At home I realized that I had an similar polish* that looked like a dead-dupe for Blue ot to Sea and after swatching them on the nailwheel this was the result(number 16,17 and 18, shown in the same order as the bottles):
*Look by Bipa is a drugstore brand and recently came up with a new permanent display, this is one of their new shades
I used two coats each (hence the two dots ;) )
Hmm- not that obvious, but a pic taken with flash revealed its secrets:
You might see that I topped half of Sea of Green with a Topcoat to see how they look like de-mattified.
another, more accurate pic:

And some bottle-love:
Here a flash pic- the shimmer in the blue ones look different but aren't visible (on the nail) at all:
and a bonus pic for those who are curious about the whole nail wheel (drope me a line in the comments if you'd like to know which polishes I've swatched there :) )

Edit: Vedra to know which colors I've swatched on the wheel, so here they are:

1 H&M Aquatini
2 Essie Mesmerize
3 H&M Blue my mind
4 Rimmel Blue me away
5 P2 Fancy
6 Absolute 69 oder 96
7 Depend No.41
8 OPI Russian Navy Suede
9 Maybelline Five Pocket
10 OPI Yoga-ta to get this Blue
11 Catrice Blue My Mind
12 Claire's Dark Blue(unnamed)
13 B.Pretty Blue Glitter
14 Alessandro 263
15 Chanel Blue Satin
16 Look by Bipa Nail Quickie Deep Sea
17 Catrice Blue out to Sea (Ozeana LE)
18 Catrice Sea of Green (Ozeana LE)

11 Kommentare:

  1. Wow, you've got so many gorgeous blue polishes!

  2. Wow looks great! I've been looking for the Sea of Green from Catrice Oceana but here in the Netherlands I can't find it anymore, only the blue and red polishes..
    Which polishes are #1 and #12?

  3. Sad to hear Gwen- hope you find them soon (a pitty though that they are only sold in a few places unlike essence, who is supervised by the same company)
    #1 is H&M Aquatini, from their spring collection and #12 is an unnamed Claire's in a dark blue shade

  4. You have a nice collection of Catrice. I was able to receive some catrice from a swap! I have I see You! (muted green creme and Catrice Royal nights royal petrol a beautiful steel blue :)

  5. thanks rmcandlelight :D

    i have the royal petrol too but it's in my untried-stash, need to dig it out soon :D

  6. I love sea of green! I already bought it a week ago. I think I´m going to pick up the blue one as well :)

  7. Spaceinvaders the blue one is great too :D

  8. Hey, showing us that whole nailwheel without naming the polishes borders on torture (especially since I know these could be actually available here)! ;) If you have time please post the names, I'm especially curious about nr. 2 and 9, but would love to know the other shades too! :)

  9. Thank you so much for the update, it's very useful to see the shades next to each other! I had assumed Catrice Blue my mind was a dupe for OPI Yogata..., but it's clearly not. And of course my fav Mesmerize must be an US brand again - at least they're not sueing etailers like OPI! ;)

  10. Yogata and blue my mind are pretty close- i can give you a link (via email) to my favourite (austrian) e-tailer(they also have a walk-in store in vienna), they still have this and other polishes in stock :)