Samstag, 15. Mai 2010

Vintage Theme

Hey there

Some of you might have seen that I've submited an entry over at Polish Hoarder's Blog- she's having weekly challenges and the first one had a Vintage Theme. It was really fun to come up with a this manicure and doing it- I'd definitly participate in her challenges again.

It was pouring outside and today it started raining again -.-. Oh well, I wish I could change the weather....
The polishes I used:
  • (Base) P2 - Dangerous
  • (Sponging) American Appearel - Peacock 
  • (Sponging) Essence - Groovy
  • (Sponging) Konad Princess Polish in White mixed with Dangerous
Here are the pics:
(It was even worse- the pics don't show it that well ;) )

3 Kommentare:

  1. that is really cool. I'm seeing more and more sponge art and its giving me more and more confidence to add to my list of things I really want to try. Good luck with your entry! :)

  2. By clicking on your pictures you can see it well. Love the sponge effect really pretty. Must give it a try! I just love love your background and the rain drops makes it even better :)

  3. Lacquer war for tips and toes: thank you- it was really easy and I used a kitchen sponge to achieve the effect- i love the outcome and you should definitly give it a try :)

    ^^ I love the background too and was happy not to be outside that moment ;)