Mittwoch, 12. Mai 2010

Glam Nails Rainbow- Yess! A rainbow on each nail and bottle (plus another not-so-holo Holo) and pic heavy

Hey there :)

As you might have read from the blogpost-title it's about a holo-polish AND I promised you in the last post that I'll post this mani next, so here it is: Glam Nails Rainbow. It is, like Larissa a 5ml bottle but damn, their brush is excellent! Even though the bottle tiny is they somehow managed to manufacture a brush which is quite wide and spreads out perfectly- I'm in love with the both shades I have and would certainly buy other shades that appeal to me.

Now about the pics: I also used annother holo which I recently bought, it's from a German company called "Professional Nails". The polish itself doesn't have a name and in the bottle it looks like it has the same holo-level as Rainbow but on the nail- not really....
For the manicure I used 3 coats each of the two polishes, plus a basecoat and a coat of ridgefiller- no topcoat because I didn't want to sacrifice the Holo-effect.

(I'd recomend you to click on the pics to get the full experience ;) )

bottle pics of both polishes:
Indirect sun-pic, not very impressed(BUT you can see a bit holo on my pointer if you click on the pic):
Two flash pics(hello rainbow on my nails ;) ):
Now the sun-pics (my camera couldn't cope with the holoness of the polish, they are even MORE holo in person

8 Kommentare:

  1. so was von cool:) Holos muss man einfach lieben ;)

  2. konadomania: au ja, sie muss man einfach lieben ^^

  3. trying this on NEXT! (well, the next day it is actually sunny here)

  4. I love holo's!! It looks like Gosh's holographic. They put a smile on my face when I'm out in the sun :)

  5. Scandalous:
    you should, it is soooo pretty in the sun

    i love holos too ^^
    they do that to me too when the sun shines :D

  6. I thought nagellack was a swedish word? You use it Germany too or it's just the name of the polish?

  7. schmut:
    it means nail polish and i think this word is used in a few languages(german, swedish,maybe even dutch/danish/finnish)-