Montag, 17. Mai 2010

P2 Dangerous

Hey there

From my previous post where I've shown you my sponge manicure I took some pics of Dangerous before sponging. The polish was a bit a teal with more green in it (does it make any sense to you?). A bit too much for my sense but there's always the option to franken with it :)

The application was good- the brush was ok but the consistency was a bit thicker, but nothing a thinner could fix. I used two coats and was suprised how shiney it was without a topcoat. (you can see it in the pics too :) )

(I'm sorry if it looks like my middle finger not painted neatly on the sides- I had a peelie and repaired it with nail glue and a tea bag)

5 Kommentare:

  1. I have had the great pleasure to receive two bottles of P2 and I love the lacquer. Light formula that makes it easy to polish and good pigment. I hope to get more in the future. :) That is lovely on you, btw.

  2. thank you :)

    I love the p2 polishes too- and their prices are even better- 1.55€ for one bottle and this high pigmentation, nothing gets better than this (well, maybe free polish :P )

  3. I am so anxious for my end of swap to finally reach you so I can try out the Dangerous you sent me. I love it in the bottle. :-)

  4. it is really great- the price you pay for this aweme quality is excellent