Freitag, 21. Mai 2010

Gunmetal/black with silver shimmer comparison part 2

Hey there :)

I wrote in my previous post that I do love these kind of shades and probably have at least 8-10 dupeish/similar colors (which also means part 3 and 4 for you guys ;).

The polishes I used are
  • Nubar - Dark Castle
  • Maybelline - City Slicks (Thanks Andrea :D )
  • P2 - Spacy
I used one awesome coat of each polish and love them all ^^. Dark Castle and City Slicks are almost twins- only the base of Dark Castle is a big darker- both have a foil finish (which you can see in the blurred pic). Whereas Spacy is a black with a dark silver shimmer (and subtle teal glitter in it which isn't visible in person). I didn't had any issues with them- but somehow I loved the smell of City Slicks the most *inhales 3F fumes*.

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